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Legal Statement:


Home Little® is a registered trademark. All content on this website is intellectual property and is subject to copyright law. Using our trademark, product images, illustrations and website texts without our written consent is strictly prohibited. We reserve the full rights to intellectual property for all content that you download from this website.

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The order of the order and delivery of the goods:

Order of the Goods is made by Buyer by phone and / or on the Seller’s website: http://www.homelittle.com/. A different way of order may be arranged. Delivery of the Goods may be carried out by the employees of the Seller or with the involvement of third parties. The cost of delivery to the address, delivery to the apartment / house and the installation of the Goods is agreed by the Parties in the Application, depending on the dimensions and weight of the ordered Goods, the presence of an elevator and other factors.

Price and payment order:

The terms and procedure of payment for the Goods is be agreed by the Parties in the order. Payment is made based on the invoices issued by the Seller. The price in US dollars is indicated informatively, you will be charged in UAH at the exchange rate on the day of payment.


Warranty for the goods:

The warranty period for the operation of the Goods is 12 (twelve) calendar months from the date of delivery of the goods.

The warranty for the goods does not apply in the case;

— if the goods are in unusable conditions;

— the goods were not used for the intended purpose;

— in the care of the goods used cleaning agents that are not suitable for cleaning this type of surface of the product;

— if the goods are damaged;

— in case of self-restoration;

— in the absence of a sales receipt;


In accordance with  the Law on Protection of Consumers’ Rights (Article 9), the consumer has the right to exchange non-food goods of the appropriate quality for a similar one from the seller from whom he was purchased, if the goods did not satisfy him in form, size, shape, color, size Or for other reasons, it can not be used for confessions. The consumer has the right to exchange goods of appropriate quality for fourteen days.